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Bubba Dass Reiki

A Holistic Infused Approach

At Bubba Dass Reiki, we offer holistic Reiki sessions that incorporate meditation and tantric heart practices to promote healing and relaxation. Our 90-minute sessions include a tarot card reading at the end to provide insight and guidance.
Our practice space is designed with low electromagnetic fields to create a calming environment, and we use healing sound frequencies during the session to enhance the overall experience. Come visit us and begin your journey towards healing and balance.


Bubba Dass Reiki 

My personal approach to energy work draws on many different Eastern spiritual practices, practices that I have been exploring over the past 20 years. Two practices in particular that have had a profound effect on my life are Vipassana Meditation and Tantric Yoga. It was through Vipassana Meditation that I finally understood what meditation truly was, not just conceptually, but experientially. And It was through the practice of Tantra Yoga that my understanding of how powerful the frequency of love and heart energy truly is. The experiences that have resulted from exploring these practices, among many others, can only be described as magical. 


My unique blend of traditional Reiki techniques, Intuitive healing, Vipassana style of meditation, and Tantric heart meditation, bring me into a powerful state of focus that I believe is optimal for your healing experience.

The current state of being and the personal practices of the practitioner is something that I feel is often overlooked, but in my opinion, is a crucial element to your healing experience. I take my daily practices very seriously and implement them deeply during your Reiki Sessions.

My goal is to create a safe and comfortable space where you can fully immerse yourself in the experience. Book your session today and let me help you on your journey towards wellness.


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My experience with Bubba Dass was truly heart opening. I felt like I was so open to receive after my Reiki session with him. I was at peace for weeks to come after our session and he welcomed me into a space that felt so safe and relaxing. I would recommend Bubba to anyone looking for a gentle yet transformative Reiki session.

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Carrie Bedesky

Mark is a wonderful Reiki practitioner for so many reasons. His energy is inviting, calming, and grounding, and it is clear that he has a strong spiritual practice of his own which creates a beautiful healing experience during a reiki session. The space is very peaceful and the table is super cozy and comfy. Mark immediately makes me feel comfortable, invited, and truly seen/heard for who I am. After our most recent session, I left feeling more open and aligned to the energy of abundance and peace. I would highly recommend a reiki session with Mark for anyone who needs to slow down, ground, heal, or manage their stress and anxiety. 

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Toni Elle

The entire Bubba Dass Reiki experience was spiritual, loving and professional. As soon as I entered his carefully curated space, with attention to details ensuring clients feel welcome and comfortable, I knew the experience was going to be incredible. The meditative reiki techniques Bubba Dass powerfully embodies, in combination with music and emf blocking technology, synergistically work towards offering an impactful experience that opens your heart, soul, mind and spirit, leaving you bathed in warmth while reaching the pinnacle of relaxation. After the session, I left feeling lighter, with open chakras, and loved. Resulting in an inner peace that still resonates with me. Thank you for your skillful attention, warm energy and ability to share love and light .. I can’t wait to return for another Reiki experience!

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Cole Fogle 

While I was visiting Vancouver, Mark did a Reiki session on my that was life changing. When he focussed his attention on my heart centre area, I felt an energetic release of trapped emotions. It felt like trauma was leaving my body. As I wept I've never experined energy being moved through my body like this before, and it was like my whole body was vibrating from head to toe in an energetic explosion of release

Aubrey Aurora

Bubba Dass carries a gentle yet profoundly potent energy that can be felt on a tangible and cellular level. His Sessions are soothing, reaching into the parasympathetic system to restore a deep nourishment. I always feel revitalized and deeply rested after a session with him! I have, and will continue to reccomend Bubba Dass to anyone desiring to recieve reiki as he is one of the most powerful practisioners I've had the pleasure of receiving energy work from. 

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